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Virginia Odor Removal Testimonials

Pet Odor 

I had disgusting animal smells in a spare bedroom that I rent, left by a former renter who kept two small dogs in the room. I called Chris in the morning. He was here in the afternoon. Then he came back for an additional treatment a couple of days later. I am impressed with his response to my urgent need and his willingness to provide the follow-up visit. The treatment itself is pleasant and effective.

I have contracted other companies for smoke, cat urine, and offensive cooking odors in the past. Most were able to "improve" the offensive odors This is the first company that completely eliminated them! Chris was very pleasant to work with and is dedicated to making sure the job gets done right with the least inconvenience to the homeowner. I am a licensed real estate broker and will definitely be calling him again to tackle any challenging properties that may need his services. I give them an A++

We just leased a town-home in a new area. While it was only a year old and in good shape, the previous tenant has dogs. In addition to someone living there previously, often new construction looks cleaner then it really is based on surface cleaning. Thus, we were looking for that fresh start to "wipe the slate clean" before our move-in scrubbing.

Everything could not have been better. Chris was punctual, informative, flexible and friendly. The ozone cleaning is awesome. It smells , looks and feels cleaner then any maid service, spraying, or option otherwise. We even had some service/delivery people at the house afterwards who picked up on something seeming fresher. This was a new thing for us and we definitely recommend it as we will always use it in the future.

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