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Virginia Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

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Smoke Odor Removal Testimonial

I had a rental property with a tenant who smoked in it for 2 years. I used a competitor to Re-Freshen and they removed the smell but only to have it return 5 weeks later. When the competitor wouldn't come back to retreat the house, I called Re-Freshen. Their turn around time was one day and the treatment level was much more thorough. The smoke smell was eliminated and has remained that way for over 3 months and I was able to sell the property without concern about the smoke smell.

Re-Freshen has been Removing Virginia Cigarette Smoke Odor since 2009.  We know how important it is to have a Smoke Free house.  That is why we Guarantee our Smoke Odor Removal Service.

Smoke/ Cigarette Odor Remediation

Tired of offensive smoke odors in your home?   Do your clothes or household furniture smell of smoke? The fact is, 75% of all people in the U.S. don’t smoke, and most of them are bothered by secondhand smoke. And cigarette and cigar smoke can make some people even physically ill.

When smoked, traditional tobacco cigarettes give off gases and particles that mingle in the air and intertwine with other substances.  Because the substances embed deeply in the smoker’s skin, hair and other particles, both on and below surfaces, the cigarette smell lingers long after the smoke is over.  Efforts to remove cigarette odor are difficult because the substances are not merely on the surface but are embedded in the fibers of the individual’s materials and surroundings and in the individual’s skin and hair. After cleaning the home, the smoker may inadvertently redeposit smoke residue from their skin onto the cleaned surfaces of the home and hence retain the annoying smoker’s home smell.

Virginia cigarette smoke odor removal
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